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TSUGI Tsugi is matcha green tea. For tasty green tea lovers, no worry about fat. Or impairing health
Increase fat burning For better health and shape Take care of your shape and health. With your favorite matcha green tea Premium taste at just 55 Kcal Low Calories

In everyday life, green tea is a popular drink among Thai people of all ages.
Green tea generally has very high energy, if consumed daily can cause obesity.
We therefore invented a low-energy green tea that you can consume every day without obesity. And add extracts that help increase the metabolism in the body to work better
Tsuchi matcha green tea “Change the image that makes obesity drink able to drink every day”
Why drink TSUGI?
Tsugimata Latte provides only 55 Kcal of energy and helps the system to improve metabolism. Extracts that help to balance the stomach and digestive system Intestinal detox, easy to excrete Slow down the aging of your skin.

TSUGI Matcha Greentea
What’s different about our green tea matcha?
Our Matcha green tea formula has been researched and developed for good health. Through the selection of special raw materials
In order to taste delicious and useful as well as add nutrients that are necessary for the body Our matcha green tea is
Concept Complete in one pack, eliminate excess (excess fat)
Additional lack (add essential nutrients for the body)
– Matcha Green Tea The first brand in Thailand
– Just move and burn
– Turn Fat into Fit
– 12 natural extracts imported from abroad
– Change eating – Metabolism in every square inch – Support healthy weight loss
– eliminate excess Additional missing parts
– Boost – Burn – Maintain (Balanced)
– TSUGI has only 55 Kcal calories, can be brewed both hot and cold 1 cup of Matcha green tea, general store
There are up to 300 Kcal calories.
Benefits of product consumption
1. Matcha green tea that can be brewed hot or cold brew Low calories, only 55
Kcal, when compared to the market, has up to 350 Kcal calories per glass.
2. Drink every day can result in healthy, bright and glowing skin due to FOS Prebiotic components.
Helps to detox the digestive system, it will be good to take care of the intestines. Does not cause blockage of fat in the veins.
3. L-carnitine Fumarate Helps to burn energy. Helps reduce body fat. Various cellulite
Was reduced well by drinking green tea Does not cause obesity like drinking green tea in general

Components imported from many countries
Japan Matcha green tea
Belgium FOS, Chitosan
France Sinetol
Rasberry Keytone, Alfalfa, Greentea Extract, L-Carnitine fumarate
African countries African mango
India Chromium Picolinate, Green coffee bean, Garcinia cambogia

How to drink: brew with hot water or cold water, drink daily 1 sachet per day


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