Haley Herbal Teatox



Haley Herbal Teatox. Hot rose tea, dissipating belly easily, just drink.
Detox your body while you sleep. Comfortable, bright stomach …. clear and comfortable every morning when you wake up
• Helps to reduce belly
• Detoxify the intestines thoroughly
• Reduce the accumulation of new fats
• expel old fat
• Helps to sleep well
• Reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol
• Helps to lose weight
• Make you full for a long time without eating fussy.
• Nourish the nerves and the brain
• make the skin white and clear
• Normalize the digestive system
• Helps to reduce fat.

Roselle properties
• Helps to reduce high pressure
• Helps to reduce fat in the blood. Reduce blood sugar Reduce cholesterol cholesterol Liquid Fat Triglyceride (LDL)
• Helps to reduce the stickiness of the blood. Resulting in good blood flow Reduce the occurrence of varicose veins
• Helps to lose weight

How to eat
Eat before breakfast 15 to 30 minutes, 1 pack a day and after that, drink continuously instead of water.
Hot brew tea trap 1 box of fat, reduce 2 to 4 kilograms

* Prohibitions to avoid foods such as fried food, milk tea, soft drinks


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