COD Marene Pure Collagen 100%



Collagen Peptide Collagen Pure 100% imported from Norway. Collagen from Cos fish.
Collagen peptide, whether taken orally as a dietary supplement, has a positive effect on health and beauty.It is important for skin aging, skin aging and strength on the skin, slowing premature aging.
Full profile: pure collagen peptide From 100% natural Cos fish
• Natural ingredients captured from the North Atlantic Ocean
• Can dissolve water well and quickly
• Contains bioavailable protein that is easily digested
• Soft smell and taste
• Natural appearance
• Protein content of more than 90%
• Average molecular weight s3,000 KD and s6,000 KD
• PH 5.0 – 7.0
• Free from additives and preservatives
• low heavy metal content
• This product is suitable for those who do not eat traditional collagen from pigs and cows.

Various studies have proven the results of COD Marene Pure Collagen.
Per personal appearance Musculoskeletal system
1. Effective to help slow down aging. Nourish the skin smooth, shine, lift the face of the child, reduce wrinkles, add moisture to the skin The skin is full and smooth … not rely on apps
2. Protect hair from chemical damage and nourish nails
3. Strengthen the bones and muscles, nourish the knee joint, prevent osteoarthritis. End of chronic knee pain Restore joint and bone, relieve “osteoporosis”, improve movement


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