DRK Plus Cordyceps Extract



DRK plus Dietary supplement for concentrated rental
DRK plus benefits
DRK Plus Cordy Dietary Supplements, MRK Plus CORDYCEPS EXTRACT, 10 Capsules
Resulting in a young age to look younger, younger, younger children, increasing strength in the elderly. Slow down the degeneration of cells in the body. Rich in anti-oxidants Allergy relief, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease such as cancer, enhance the efficiency of the lungs, liver, kidneys, reduce swelling, hands, feet, face, the body, enhance sexual performance for both men and women. Helps to sleep well

Balance from the inside Bright outside Increase strength in the elderly
With antioxidants Slow down the aging and degeneration of cells in the body.
Reduce blood sugar levels, reduce diabetes, enhance lung function, liver, kidneys
Relieve allergies Enhance immune system for chronic patients
Relieve asthma Helps to breathe better Balance hormones in the body
Nourishing blood, reducing the occurrence of anemia Prevent memory loss Reduce the death of cells in the brain
Increase oxygen Suitable for athletes Less tired
Reduce fatigue for those who work hard. not enough rest
Helps to sleep Enhance sexual performance
Resists and reduces the spread of cancer cells

With the amount of Cordyceps extract as high as 330 mg per 1 capsule of ginseng 20 mg, Centella asiatica 50 mg, Vitamin C 50 mg,
Collagen 50 mg, Total 500 mg per capsule
Therefore receiving a high quantity of natural active ingredients
100% certified to the food and drug standards.
Manufactured in a factory that has passed the GMP inspection, and the packaging is clean and safe.


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