5 Kings of Herbs Coffee



5 Kings of Herbs 1 box of coffee contains 9 sachets
5 power benefits included in one drink
Just tear the envelope and brew with hot water.

Arabica Coffee Active ingredients
Has a better aroma and taste than other types of coffee And has a low amount of caffeine Drink and feel energetic, lively
The good effect of coffee on health
• Has antioxidant activity
• The smell of coffee can increase blood flow in the brain.
• Stimulate brain activity
• Helps to slow down aging.
• Reduce the risk of cancer.

Cordeceps sinensis Active ingredients
Tang Tan (冬蟲夏草) comes from Chinese, “Winter is a worm Summer is grass. ”
A type of worm that in the winter hibernates in the soil. But in the summer, the worms will grow into a tank that is used as a tonic for China.
Tang properties
• Helps to treat fatigue. Deep sleep
• Reduce sugar levels and blood fats (Lowering VLDL and LDL cholesterol levels in the blood)
• Increase metabolism (Metabolism) of the body
• Increase blood circulation efficiency
• Stimulate the function of white blood cells

REISHI EXTRACT Active ingredients
The ancient Dhe Lin Chu Chi Maphrai, “Shen Ngoen Pao Chao” said that Deng Lin Jue is “Spiritual essence” has been used for more than 2,000 years since the Emperor Qin Shihuang Emperor. Polysaccharide and Terpene were important substances.
– Anti-inflammatory (Antiinflammatory)
– Enhance immunity to the body
– Anti-cancer (inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells of the type MCF-7).

Tremella fuciformis Active ingredients
White Ear Mushroom
• nourish the skin with phytosanitary hyaluronate Helps to slow down wrinkles and make them look younger.
• Helps control weight With insoluble dietary fiber Causing him to feel full and not often hungry
• Contains antioxidants Helps to protect cells in the body from damage And delay the degeneration of cells
• nourishing the blood, helping to increase the production of blood cells Reduce the risk of fading
• Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease Helps to nourish the brain and strengthen memory.
• Helps to excrete better, has high fiber, therefore helps to strengthen the digestive system.
• Irreversible monthly fixes Helps to support hormones for normal menstruation Helps reduce stomach pain while having a monthly
Auricularia Polytricha Active ingredients
Black Ear Mushroom
• Stimulates the digestive system With natural rubber latex with laxative effect Therefore helping the digestive system to work better
• Helps to reduce fat levels In black ear mushroom there is a substance called adenosine. Is responsible for reducing cholesterol in the blood.
• High in calcium And has phosphorus to nourish bones and teeth. In the elderly, eating regularly will help prevent osteoporosis.
• reduce side effects from radiation Because this radiation has high heat Make the skin sensitive With nausea and vomiting, inflammation in various areas Eating black ear mushroom Will help reduce and alleviate these symptoms Due to the mushroom’s cold effect
• Helps the body relax, nourish the lungs, large intestines, stomach with the cool effect of black ear mushroom. Also helps the body to be refreshed Also energetic

Shiitake Powder Active ingredients
Japanese shiitake mushrooms
• Lowering cholesterol It contains Iridineene, an amino acid that can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
• Strengthen immunity Shiitake mushrooms contain beta-glucan. That will help strengthen the immune system in the body
• Prevent cancer. Contains lentinan to stimulate the immune system to fight infection.


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